DAVID SPADE and Eddie Murphy a wound that has not been healed by time

David Spade has been a natural prankster most of his life. Even when he was in school he would always be the life of the party. He was so smart in 3rd grade he got moved up to the 4th grade for some of his classes. Grew up in Arizona; graduated from Saguaro High School in Scottsdale in May, 1982. Studied business at Arizona State University and graduated in 1986. He worked as a skateboard shop employee before he landed in showbiz.

During his first season on of Saturday Night Live he appeared only three times and in one of his appearances he made a sarcastic comment on SNL alumnus Eddie Murphy ;when Spade did a joke in which a photograph of Murphy, whose career had started to falter, was shown and Spade quipped, “Look children, a falling star–make a wish.”. When SNL had their 25th anniversary Eddie Murphy is the only cast member who made it big but he decided not to attend.

Now, years later, Spade tells “Rolling Stone” that Murphy, who has roasted his fair share of celebrities, actually phoned “SNL” to complain about the gag and has snubbed Spade repeatedly.
According to Spade, Murphy’s grudge has led mutual friend Chris Rock to ignore Spade whenever Murphy is around. “I just saw Murphy in person at the Rolling Stones concert at the Hard Rock in Vegas,” Spade says. “He and Chris Rock came in … Every time Eddie turns his head, Rock looks back at me going, ‘I can’t talk to you, Spade!’ ”


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