What I Really Learned From Studying Math

Now that I’m forty and all my kids are in school I try to remember the times when I was still a student. During those times I hated Math; it was the subject that I dreaded the most. While I was studying Geometry, Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry I always try and I wonder will I use these when I grow old? Now that I’m older and I try to think of the benefits that I got from it, it’s not all about the numbers but that in every problem there’s always a solution. The problem may be solved by simple math but there are times when it’s more complicated than that.
I remember most of the time we would stay late in school to study Math as a group. We had a classmate that was really good; she patiently taught us every step of the solution and made sure that we understood. Similar to life when you would have friends that would be there and walk with you to find solutions that is brought about by the problems that life may bring.
So what did really Math teach me? It is patiently trying to find out solutions to the problems in life and during times when you’re at a loss and you feel that you can’t find any solution, your friends would be there to guide you and support you. So now, when my kids complain about Math, I smile and tell them that studying Math is even beyond that. Math is a way for you to practice how to patiently solve the problems of life, so when a teacher gives you a Math problem patiently work on the answer because when you face the problems of life it is definitely more complicated than that.


About moniqueagustin

I'm a mother to five adorable children. I'm proactive, hardworking and a good team player.
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